Watch List 2: The Immortals

  ** Spoiler Alert

OOPS! Not that movie!

This movie:


Now I know better to trust movie critics, either professionals or just critics.

The Immortals received quite a lot of negative feedback from the web and from my office-mates that I was hesitant to watch it. I saw the trailer in YouTube, and I was impressed with the graphics, so I figured I’ll go ahead and watch it on the release date. But I almost did not, because one of my guy mates told me that it was not as exciting as 300

I thought about it, since it was supposed to be a date with Marla (my ho-we) and I did not want it to be sucky, if their feedback was true. She told me that she wanted to watch it still, so I decided to just go for it.

It turned out to be a good decision.

The movie was action-packed, and that was why we came to watch it. We already had a feel good comedy movie (Happy Feet 2) and we wanted to watch something different. The Immortals delivered and it was not a bad movie as many wanted us to believe.

Mickey Rourke was the main antagonist, Hyperion. I was looking at him intently and was thinking that he was familiar, like I have just seen him from another recent movie. I remembered Iron Man 2 and The Expendables, both of which were action movies too. I literally cried out loud because of that “uh-huh” moment. “Ahh! Mickey Rourke!”. Good thing the film house had the volume amped to the max.

Mickey on Iron Man 2


With Sly

And here he is on The Immortals:

On the Set


Theseus was portrayed by Henry Cavill, and he was great! Although the pep talk scene was a little uncomfortable for me, since I was not really able to understand what he was saying.

Zeus was Luke Evans, and Marla mentioned Glee, because he looked like someone from Glee. He is not actually, but after a quick Wiki search, I found out he was also in Clash of the Titans. 

 I was a bit disappointed with the Titan-Gods fight, since (SPOILER) most of the Gods that came down to help Theseus died. I was thinking of the Hollywood movie script, more like one or two Gods would die, and it would help the rest be inspired to defeat and kick the Titans asses out of the screen. It was a pretty good fight scene, although the Endless Horde effect of the Titans should have given the Gods a hint that they would need back up.

We did not watch the 3D version, since it was not available, and we both have problems with our eyesight, but I think that most of the scenes would look great on 3D, but the regular version is okay too. Overall a good movie to watch.

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