The Versatile Blogger Award

The week was pretty unfavorable for blogging because I was busy at work. Well, not really, but the holiday mood is keeping me sleepy. It keeps my brain from functioning. Then I remembered checking my email again to see if there is something new from my blogging contacts.

Lo and behold, the Versatile Blogger Award…!

This award is similar to the Liebster Blog Award where I would post a quick “thank you”  to the blogger that nominated me for the award (this should be automatic), and I would also mention 15 bloggers who I think also deserves the same award, and then list 7 random facts about me.

Now this is not an award award, like a prize for a contest or something. This is just to give recognition to all the bloggers that you would feel deserves to receive it. At this day and age, a little recognition goes a long way. It’s like a long overdue thank you.

Now let me start off by posting the 15 bloggers who I think deserves this award too (the first 5 is also my Liebster awardees):

  1. Ren’s Space – (I’m thinking she’s getting used to this types of awards now)
  2. Jeninesilos
  3. Wolfshades
  4. Smile, Kiddo
  5. UponAtlas – I still owe you a name for your Name Game (click the link to join). I just need to make my handwriting more legible.  😀
  6.  My Story to You
  7. herenownotforeva
  8.  Everyday Footprints
  9.  Of Making Sense
  10.  Not so Little Alex
  11.  The Other Side of 55 – Margo already has one, but it never hurts to add another.
  12.  Student Revolt – Peter has not posted in a while, but his previous posts are worth the time
  13.  A Modal Soul – same as #12, Rob has not posted for December, but his blog is interesting
  14. Lia Cruz – (Lia’s on Blogger though)
  15. Wexistence – my friend’s professor

These are some of the blogs that I’m following, and it is in no particular order, so if I’m following your blog and it’s not here, it does not mean that I like your blog less.

And now for my random facts:

  1.   I have a twin brother.

    Never Too Late for a Baby Pic
  2.  I love working out in the gym, but I am still struggling to gain weight.
  3. I am a frustrated basketball player, because I always get cut in the try-outs because I am short.
  4. I am parsimonious.
  5. I love listening to Chamillionaire.

With that being said, THANK YOU is due to Ren for the nomination, and for influencing my transfer to WordPress.

Well worth it.


6 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. thank you for this versatile award koopa! i appreciate it so much, now im touch.
    anyway, i will return back the favor to you soon…as of now, my followers are barely 15, i think i need 2 more followers so that i can nominate exactly 15 bloggers, ahahahah! what a pity i think.
    anyway, thank you very much! keep going!

  2. Thanks for nominating me, even though I haven’t posted in a while.
    I also have a twin, and struggle to gain weight, weird! Actually, thinking about it, it’s not that weird.

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