Christmas Party Part I

View the The Linden Suites

Okay, so this is not an indirect endorsement of the Linden Suites, nor would I get anything from doing this (though I wish I would), but I would like to just give a positive feedback to The Linden Suites, where we had our team Christmas Party.

First off, what you see on the website is what we actually saw when we got there. It was a nice surprise, since I had previous bad experience with website and reality comparisons.

We got there around 12 noon, after we bought our groceries and party stuff. It was just a couple of minutes from SM Megamall, somewhere in Ortigas. I was literally just making myself comfortable in the car when my teammates took out money to pay the cab. The check in time was moved to 2 pm though, and I thought that that would be the start of the let down. We were advised that they would also move our check out time, so that was really neat.

It’s not a huge hotel, but the room that we got was quite spacious. 3 bedroom suite and I got a room of my own (don’t ask how). The bed was very soft. I sat on it and I felt like I sank in it, in a good way. I almost fell asleep right then and there.  It looks more like condominium units than a hotel. Even the building is like a condominium. I think it was before it was converted to a hotel.

We only stayed overnight but it was well worth it. Just Php8,500 for the suite too. Very affordable. It also has convenience stores below so we were able to buy what we needed when we ran out of stuff.

The bathroom is really clean and spacious. We had 2 bathrooms for our suite and both are in pristine condition. Good thing too, since this is where I went to the first minute I got in the room.

   The smokers were even allowed to smoke inside the room. Not that I smoke, and have no idea about the restrictions for smoking in a hotel, but apparently, they were not usually allowed to smoke inside a hotel room.

The suite was very clean and cold. It was conducive for both rest and fun. It is also cool enough to make me relaxed and be able to eat a lot of food (I have to get my money’s worth).

after the first storm

I went to the gym the morning after our party, just to try out their facility (and maybe work off the extra calories I packed). I have never worked out in a hotel gym before, as I have always gone to local community gyms near our place. It was not as big as I was expecting and the machines are limited, but it was functional, and that was all I needed. I ran the treadmill for a couple of minutes and then proceeded to do some mid-heavy lifting. I was grunting and groaning all over the place when I realized that there was already 2 other persons in the gym. I was thinking I would have it all to myself since it was still early. I greeted them a good morning and proceeded.

It unfortunately rained on our last few hours there, so we were not able to use the outdoor pool, and it was too cold to use the indoor pool, so we opted to just stay inside the suite and sleep and/or eat. We did not see the Jacuzzi though, until before we were checking out. Bummer.

Overall, a great experience, and I would definitely go back there.

I have a couple of pictures in my phone but I haven’t been able to install the phone’s software, so I guess I’d have to upload it next time. Photos 3 to 5 are courtesy of my friend, Mae Ree. 


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