Holiday Post

I never really celebrate anything, even Christmas or the New Year, for several reasons. That’s why I don’t have much to talk about. I did attend company parties, but that’s that. I did see a lot of posts about Christmas wish lists, New Year’s resolutions. This is the closest I would get to one.

My wish list was simple. I asked for a weight lifting belt from my Secret Santa. I got one so I don’t have anything else to ask for. Over the past 2 Christmases (if there ever is a plural form for Christmas), I have asked for gym stuff. The first one was a work out glove, which I ended up giving my brother, because it was not as heavy duty as I needed it to be, and this year, the aforementioned belt. I always ask for something that I can use, something that I need. In that regard, I would wish for another weight lifting belt, so I can give it to my twin brother, so I don’t have to buy. But I don’t think that would happen, so I would just go ahead and buy one instead.

The exact one I got!


Another wish is a new phone. I have been looking for a new phone ever since mid 2011, since my Sony Ericsson reached the ripe old age of 2 years, and has been “complaining” about my usage. The keypad has not been responding that well. My brother still wanted the phone since it has a good camera, so I bought a refurbished (read: used) one, a Nokia phone to replace it. I gave it to my brother and he ended up liking it and using it. Now I wanted to give him a new phone, and luckily I won one at our company raffle. It’s not the touch screen phone, but we don’t really need one. I still have not claimed the phone I won since it is still not available (or so I was told), so I still only have the certificate.

The phone that I won

I also need to have more long sleeved shirts, since I would have more classes next year, I was advised to add more since I don’t want to wear the same stuff over and over again. I was going to, but that was my boss speaking, so I saluted and added it on my wish list. I already received one from Marla, so I was thinking of crossing it off my list, but I still need more.

If my body would look like this, that would be fine too.

I guess that is just what I need, so far. I don’t have anything else in mind, but if I do, I probably would need to buy it myself, just like the rest of the list.

Noyz: NBA, iPhones, etc

The NBA is back after the lockout, but I still don’t have the Basketball Channel on our cable. I am still undecided if I would subscribe or not, so what I do is I just read the sports update on the web. What turns me off though is the number of racist comments on most of the sports blogs. For example, derogatory remarks regarding blacks would be prevalent in NBA (National Basketball Association) blogs and NFL (National Football League) blogs, and the NHL section gets racist comments for Canadians and whites. Some commenters even argue, and debate, which is ok, but again the race card is played. The authors of the blog themselves get personally attacked. If the readers do not agree with the article, or even if they agree with the article, these people would still find something (or anything) just to bash the author. Sometimes, they would even seem like they would be able to do a better job than the writer with their comments. This is what these blog hosts or websites need to control. Racism is not dead in anyway, as manifested by comments in almost all sports blogs, and any blogs.

Sorry for non-NBA fans, but I just got to say this. The LA Lakers made a terrible decision even thinking of trading Lamar Odom. Now they ship him to Dallas for virtually nothing. Laker fans like me are now left thinking that we won’t have a championship contender this year. But so far, the current team is not doing too bad. They still look okay on paper though. Oklahoma is still a team to look out for, and Kevin Durant is getting my attention.

One of my co-workers just received his new iPhone 4S. We were all interested with the Siri App. We were asking it questions that normally is used by 2 people in a relationship throw at each other, much like knives. “Why are you bitching Siri?”, “What do you want me to do?” and other questions. Some of the answers were really accurate and human-like (like a real lady). “We’re not talking about me” was the answer I really like. After a couple of questions, we decided to go back to work. The owner giving me a gentle reminder that I can easily get an iPhone too, or even a BlackBerry, if I wanted to. Sounds tempting, but no. I got my priorities straight, but I want to ask Siri a few more questions though. Like, uh never mind. I got nothing.

The week was busier in the office. One training series that I thought was going to be cancelled suddenly pushed through. I’m on my holiday mode, so I have been wishing for sessions to be cancelled. It didn’t come true, but it was ok, since I had to shake off the rust for next year.

I wonder why I am getting a lot of spam comments. I have just received two before posting this. I don’t think I have that many followers to make advertisers, or spam-vertisers interested in my blog. Some of the comments look legit, but when I check the post where it was supposed to be posted on, I realize that it was waaaaay off topic, so permanently delete! I think I have been using that too often nowadays. WordPress and Akismet have been good this year.

I feel like a Holiday post is mandatory, so I would post one next. In the mean time, cheers for everyone and I hope that you all had a great time.

Meme Proposal: Tim and Audrey

Just found a new video here. Video uploaded by iamhart17. Let me just paste his description of the video:


The couple in this video is Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam, the co-founder of the ever popular ad-blogging site Nuffnang, and his Malaysian girlfriend who is a blogger, now his fiancee, Audrey Ooi Feng Ling.


All credits, according to the up-loader, goes to the following:

  1. Crazy Monkey Studio (
  2. Timothy Tiah (
  3. Audrey Ooi Feng Ling (

I have to figure out how I would propose someday….

Christmas Party #3 and A Lot of Unrelated Stuff

I have been lethargic since the end of November. I don’t know why, but I am thinking that it is because of the Holiday fever.  It has not been a long while since I was still in my school days, and during that time, we usually would get a long Christmas break. I think I still have that expectation. I better get this off my head. It does not help that I still have a brother in college. Usually, when I go out for work at night (around 9pm), I would see him already preparing for bed, since he still has classes the day after. When I get home, I would not see him until late in the afternoon, or before I go out of the house again. Now, I see him sleeping late, and waking up late, which all the more adds to my envy.

I also just received my gift from my Secret Santa (locally known as Monito-Monita for reasons that I don’t know). It is a weightlifting belt. Yes, I usually ask for gifts that I REALLY need. I received it late though, like 3 weeks after we picked out the names. I can’t complain, since I also gave my gift late to the person I picked. Karma, maybe.

I  got a hold of a Query box late last night. It is sort of a game that lets players answer questions from pieces of paper. I don’t find it amusing though, since some of the questions are really childish (I don’t know if it’s the right word). Here’s an example: “You get transported into Cartoon Land and get to pick any Cartoon Identity to have as your own. Which Cartoon Character would you choose?” Do you expect me to answer Wonder Woman?  Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find it interesting.

I browsed through a bookstore last week and found some Shakespeare books, only to find out that they have been “updated” to contain vampires. In fact, majority of the books I see are all about vampires. Everyone is trying to cash in on the Twilight fad. I wonder if it is working.

I attended another Christmas Party (the last one, hopefully) last Thursday, December 22. I was not really planning to attend it, but our department got invited since we train their new hires. The theme was Rock Stars, and as always, I came sans the theme. I am not fond of following party themes because I don’t really like to buy clothes that I would only wear once. And the fact that I’m not creative enough is also a reason. I just came from my shift and only had an hour of sleep, so I was really sleepy (I got sick because of it too, and I’m still sick as I post this). I was having fun surprisingly, but it all turned sour when one of the program managers took the stage and gave her acknowledgement and thanked all of the department that “helped them reach and exceed their goal”. Our department, the Training Department, was not mentioned. That really made my day sour. What I did for revenge was, eat as much as I can. It was a buffet, and I was hoping to eat enough that they would have problems with the food, but all I did was bloat myself, which was okay. At least I did not go home hungry.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Web Surfing and Productivity at Work

I have a confession.

I surf the web a lot at work.

I do, although I have been finishing work hours before my end-of-shift, we are not allowed to surf the ‘net for anything that is not related to our job. But frankly, I would prefer that than to just sleep the few hours of my shift that I have nothing to do. But it is still not allowed, and that’s that. Rules are rules, policies are policies, and I am breaking it. But I have come across an article (the result of my web surfing) that gives justice, or at least a scientific explanation on why I browse the ‘net while at work. (Read the whole article here)

“Browsing the Internet serves an important restorative function,” the authors of the study said. “Breaks of such nature are pleasurable, rejuvenating the Web surfer,” they added.

So apparently, this activity helps restore a person’s brain functions. It’s like turning a tired mind into a disco ball. So that would explain why I finish my work fast. And my boss has nothing bad to say against the quality of my work, plus I have my numbers to back it up. I guess that it really works!

Some would suggest that I finish work in advance, like do the work intended for the day after. I would like to do this, but I usually just receive an email about what to do, and if I finish it, I would have to wait for another email for my next project, which takes about 24 hours. That option is out of the equation.

Just to share, this is what’s keeping me busy when I am not busy at work. These links are for my favorite web comics, which I discovered by accident:

1. – Luci Phur’s Imps by Dale Mettam,Courtney Huddleston, Matt Keltner and Tracy Bailey.

What’s better than having 3 imps do all your bidding? Luci Phurr has inherited (sort of) PainTears and Misfortune (also referred to as Alisdair). This is also the website where I discovered the ComicPress software, where anyone has the chance to create their own comic.

*** Update: Dale Mettam, yes, THE Dale Mettam actually commented on my blog! Does this mean that I would be getting a free, signed book??? (Hey, it’s Christmas! Santa may be listening)




The story of Bean and the great, rich world of Broken Moon, almost War Craft-World like in its story lines, have me in a (current) loop. Created by Travis Hanson, it also has a printed version, which I am pretty sure is NOT available in Philippine soil (though I am still hoping).


The tagline should already give you an idea: What happens when the freaks you live and work with are really freaks?

The main characters are Adam Franklin Stein (Frankenstein), Lou Ghune (a Merman, or at least that’s what I think he is), and Booo (a female ghost). They are all living like “normal” us, the only difference is they have more fun than most of us humans do at work.


Yes, 21 years old and I admit that I am still into comics. It’s nice to stay in touch with our inner child once in a while. It gives me the much needed break I need from the day-to-day grind. Plus it cuts the boredom at work too.

Luci Phurr’s Imps and Cemetery Street updates every weekday. Yes, EVERY WEEKDAY. The Bean updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

So I hope the study gives me enough justification on why I browse WordPress at work, and the web comics too.

Shoe Talk

I don’t know what introduction I would do with this topic but I like shoes. I really, really like shoes. Most of the people I know would tell me that it’s a girl thing, but I buy a lot of shoes. If I go shopping (which is very rarely), number one on my list is shoes. Even if I am just passing by the mall, I always see to it that I look at the shoes on sale.

But don’t mistake me for the Nike collector type (although I have a few), since I don’t have the means to splurge a lot on shoes. I am more of the see the shoe I like-check the price-if it’s within budget I buy type of sneaker head.

It began when my boss told me that I have to look presentable even if it’s already dress-down day, or jeans day for the office, which is Friday. According to our training before I got promoted, I have to dress “a level higher” than the rest, since I would be tackling a higher position. That was the time that I had to look for clothes and my interest in shoes grew.

Let me take it to another level and classify my shoes. Here are my classifications of my shoes, according to my needs:

1.    The Power Shoes – these are the leather shoes that I wear whenever I am wearing slacks. I usually do “black on black”, or black slacks and black shoes. But I am now starting to experiment with other color slacks, so I would be able to get more leather shoes.

I don't have one, but it looks nice

2.     The Office Shoes – these are the shoes that I can only wear inside the office premises. Mainly because these has white soles, and I don’t like to make my shoes dirty. Cleaning it takes too much effort.

3.    The Walking Shoes – shoes that I can wear outside the office, but not while doing strenuous activities. These are the Nike Free-type of rubbers. Lightweight, durable.

4.    The Sports Shoes – all shoes that I can wear in the gym, or while playing basketball. These usually are the high cut rubbers,  lightweight, and soles that gives a “squeak” when I suddenly stop (I know I could have given a better description).

5.    The Rain shoes – shoes that I wear whenever it is raining. Usually the all black type, high cut and with materials that are more water resistant. I prefer World Balance for these shoes since it is more durable, and it is more affordable.

6.    The Loafers – when it is a lazy day in the office, I whip out my loafers. Low cut sneakers with softer interiors. Usually a bit bigger than what I usually wear, it is for lounging around and used if I am in the mood to just drag my feet because of laziness.

I wanted to take a picture of my shoe cabinet, but I thought that that would be overkill. I would like to have more, and I know that I can call it a vice, but ask any guy that would be man enough to admit it, and they would tell you the same thing:  Shoes make the man,  and man is made by the shoes. Especially if it’s the ice creams. 

Watch List 2: The Immortals

  ** Spoiler Alert

OOPS! Not that movie!

This movie:


Now I know better to trust movie critics, either professionals or just critics.

The Immortals received quite a lot of negative feedback from the web and from my office-mates that I was hesitant to watch it. I saw the trailer in YouTube, and I was impressed with the graphics, so I figured I’ll go ahead and watch it on the release date. But I almost did not, because one of my guy mates told me that it was not as exciting as 300

I thought about it, since it was supposed to be a date with Marla (my ho-we) and I did not want it to be sucky, if their feedback was true. She told me that she wanted to watch it still, so I decided to just go for it.

It turned out to be a good decision.

The movie was action-packed, and that was why we came to watch it. We already had a feel good comedy movie (Happy Feet 2) and we wanted to watch something different. The Immortals delivered and it was not a bad movie as many wanted us to believe.

Mickey Rourke was the main antagonist, Hyperion. I was looking at him intently and was thinking that he was familiar, like I have just seen him from another recent movie. I remembered Iron Man 2 and The Expendables, both of which were action movies too. I literally cried out loud because of that “uh-huh” moment. “Ahh! Mickey Rourke!”. Good thing the film house had the volume amped to the max.

Mickey on Iron Man 2


With Sly

And here he is on The Immortals:

On the Set


Theseus was portrayed by Henry Cavill, and he was great! Although the pep talk scene was a little uncomfortable for me, since I was not really able to understand what he was saying.

Zeus was Luke Evans, and Marla mentioned Glee, because he looked like someone from Glee. He is not actually, but after a quick Wiki search, I found out he was also in Clash of the Titans. 

 I was a bit disappointed with the Titan-Gods fight, since (SPOILER) most of the Gods that came down to help Theseus died. I was thinking of the Hollywood movie script, more like one or two Gods would die, and it would help the rest be inspired to defeat and kick the Titans asses out of the screen. It was a pretty good fight scene, although the Endless Horde effect of the Titans should have given the Gods a hint that they would need back up.

We did not watch the 3D version, since it was not available, and we both have problems with our eyesight, but I think that most of the scenes would look great on 3D, but the regular version is okay too. Overall a good movie to watch.

**Images are copyrighted by the owners