Happy Feet 2: Not A Review

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Mumble is back on the big screen: this time with his wife and kid in tow. The second installment of the successful franchise did not fail to give the “cuteness” factor, but I felt like the movie was “bitin”, which is Filipino for too short.


Pink’s voice (originally supposed to be Brittany Murphy, RIP) greeted the very small morning audience (I watched the movie at 11 am; I am on the night shift so the only chance for me to watch a movie is during mornings, and not a lot of us showed up for the AM screening, maybe just 10.). Erik, Mumble’s son, experienced what his dad did during childhood: being an outcast. That’s where the story revolves around, and that was all I needed.



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I don’t want to go into details about the story because I don’t want to spoil it, it would be great if you’d go and watch it yourselves. Oh, and krills would be involved too.


from enchantedlearning.com


For those of you not familiar with what a krill is, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:


“Krill is the common name of shrimp-like marine crustaceans…”


“Most krill are swarming animals; the sizes and densities of such swarms vary greatly depending on the species and the region.”


“…there have been reports of swarms of up to 10,000 to 60,000 individuals per cubic meter.”  (this line is a clue of what you would see in the movie)


I suggest to have someone with you while watching the movie, it is best to share the cute moments with someone, and there are some enlightening parts too, especially about global warming and how it would affect nature.


I looked at feedback for this movie even before I watched it and it was surprisingly mixed. I saw some negative reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and also in Metacritic. Some of them were also disappointed with the way the movie ran. I am not much of a movie critic, and good thing I did not heed the stuff I read, since I liked the movie.


   Characters I really liked:


Atticus (with Lil P-nut’s voice); because he raps, although just a bit, and Common was his dad. Now, how cool is that? Plus, he’s a bit chubby which makes for a great toy. Speaking of which, here is an Atticus toy from happyfeettwotoys.com:



Ramon and the 5 amigos – because he was Ramon (Robin Williams), and they were 5 of them.



It’s great to keep in touch with my inner kid once in a while, and these types of movies help a lot.


Thanks Marla, for watching it with me.



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