A Letter to My 16-year old Self

Dear Me,

I don’t know how to start this. See, your older self is still struggling with himself, but your life is still going to go great, so no need to worry, although you might want to follow some of the things that I am going to tell you, just to lessen your problems, or would-be problems.

Yes, I’m you, 5 years in to the future. Just a couple of years and you would have your life altering experience. Don’t ask me how life altering, because I would start to write a novel. Let’s go with some of the things that you would want to watch out for.

First, I know that the opposite sex seems so beautiful right now, at the same time so ugly, figuratively. You need to use the smarts that you use on every other thing with them too, since they would only leave a bad taste in your mouth. But don’t fret. You would not be growing old alone. Somewhere along the line, you would meet someone really special. I don’t know yet if you’re going to get married, I’ll write you back after a couple more years for that. Watch out for girls especially during college, they would not be the best bunch for you. In fact, the school that you would be going to, and the people that you would meet, would not leave any lasting mark. There would be a time when you would finally show everyone your abilities, but you would realize that it is worthless, and you would lose all interest in studying. In fact, you would be dropping out, because of reasons that I don’t have the liberty to say. But one of your cousins would give you a good advice, and you just need to follow it, and it would balance out everything. Follow your gut instinct.

Second, start writing a journal. Your life is not as ordinary as you think, and it is not going to be in the future. You would need that journal a couple of years later, when you decide to start to appreciate writing. Pay close attention to your English class in your second semester of your first year. Your professor would be one that everyone else would hate, but I know that you would like her.

Third, hug your mom and dad more. Spend more time with them and stop wasting time with your acquaintances. College life would be very hectic, especially if you start spending too much time with your acquaintances.

There are more things that I would want to share, but I’ll let you find it out for yourself. If I do, then I would be spoiling the fun. Plus I would have to change the title to “A Novel for my 16 year old self”.



Yes, you would one day call yourself that.

**Note: Inspiration for this post came from wolfshades, of “A View from a Wolf


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