My Man Cave

I have always dreamed of getting a place of my own. Right now, at 21, I still live with my parents, following the Filipino tradition closely. I have taken over most of the bills, and I feel like I can already get a place of my own. But, being with my parents is cool. I get to eat my mom and dad’s cooking, and I get to spend time with them too.  If I would get my own house, I may choose to get one very near our home. The neighborhood is quiet, accessible, plus I can just go back to my parents if I miss them.

I saw an apartment for rent just across our neighborhood. It is small, studio type apartment that I think would only accommodate me. With that in mind, I thought about getting it and turning it in to my very own man cave.

An article I encountered comes to mind immediately. It is from Bloomberg, and it gives a couple of stuff that guys normally would want in their own bachelor pad, like TVs, a bar, etc., plus the price.  I am a bit different, since the article is from a Westerner’s point of view. Here is a Filipino point of view:

  1.  Display Cases – what is a good man cave without display cases for your collections or sports trophies? I am planning to collect action figures to get in touch with my inner kid, and I would need a good case for them. Here is a good example:

2.  Delivery Brochures – I do not know how to cook, so I would need to have brochures for fast food delivery.

3. The Entertainment System – it has already been mentioned in the article, but I want to have mine look like this:


4. Lots of Remote Controls –  a guy cannot get too lazy, so I want to have a remote control for almost everything. The fan, the TV, the air conditioner, the refrigerator, even the stove.

5. A dog – with all the expensive stuff in my (imaginary) man cave, I would need a trustworthy friend that would keep it safe from intruders. Maybe someone like George, the Guinness’ Book of World Record holder for the title “Tallest Dog” :


6. Home Gym – a cave needs to have a huge, buff guy in it, so let’s put a gym in too!

Just by looking at these photos makes me realize that if I am going to have a man cave, it would need to be bigger than the studio type apartment that I was eyeing.


6 thoughts on “My Man Cave

  1. Going by Filipino tradition, it’s A-okay to live with your parents. Even here in the US, where adults fly the coop when they turn 18, people have now realized sometimes it makes sense to stay put with their parents and just share with expenses. we have so many friends here who still live with the parents, like me, my sister. and brother before he moved to another city becaise of his job. My parents like the situation coz we are still together, solid as a family, and at the same time, the expenses are so much less coz my siblings pay for their upkeep. I don’t pay up yet . I only have part time job, and it’s just enough for my own upkeep. But if you want independence , then I guess it’s okay.

    Cheers !

  2. I want to continue living with my parents, too, but it would be much better if I have my own “mini house” inside our “house” LOLS. I promised my parents that I would live with them even when they are too old, that right after I graduate I will get back to them…hehe. And I still hold on that promise. After all, there is no place like home.

    I like your man cave. I think I’m gonna consider my girl version of this cave, it must be “a woman’s cave” ahahaha!

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