Week Recap

I chanced upon a defunct tv show titled “Aliens in America”, and I got a little interest since the website (which I forgot) was giving raves about it. The story goes like this (well, according to wikipedia anyway): 

“Aliens in America is an American sitcom created by David Guarascio and Moses Port that aired on The CW for one season from 2007-2008. Guarascio and Port also served as executive producers of the show alongside Tim Doyle. Luke Greenfield directed the pilot. The show is about an American teenager in Wisconsin whose family takes in a Muslim foreign exchange student from Pakistan.”

I can sort of relate to the sitcom, so I would be downloading the series. It was cancelled abruptly, so I would not be expecting anything to avoid disappointments.

I also read an article on that the whole internet went down yesterday. I did not notice it, even at work, so I read through the article and just as I suspected, it was just in the United States. I often see this on news, either print or on TV. If something happens in the US, it is often referred to as a “global problem”. Maybe for some problems, yeah, but in general, it is misleading.


Here is a link for Lima’s transportation problems.

Honestly, the pictures look a lot like what I always experience here in the Philippines. Even the root cause is the same. “Anarchic, corrupt transit system due to chronic mismanagement and corruption dating back two decades”. I know that Filipinos who would read this would also attest. It is the same exact reason why we have one of the worst traffic in Asia, or the world possibly. Here is another excerpt:

  “Lima’s quarter million taxis, half of them unregistered, are unregulated. Taxi drivers, like bus drivers, will stop anywhere, and cab fare is negotiated on entry.”

Yes, sounds like Manila to me.


I also got a chance to play the locally famous “Pinoy Henyo” after my Thursday shift. I haven’t played this game before, because I don’t see any fun nor do I get any fun out of it. I sucked on my first attempt. The game goes like this: Person A would have to guess a word on his forehead (in this case, it was taped to a hard hat). He can only ask closed ended questions. Person B (usually persons) can only lead Person A to the right answer by saying “yes”, “no” or “pwede” (maybe). Did I mention that I suck in this game? I officially hate it. I got 2 words and I was not able to guess it correctly. Here are some pics:


 Note: They did not want to show their whole face, so they suggested this instead. Plus I kinda goofed up. I named the pics as “charades” when it should be “Pinoy Henyo”, but I’m keeping it as it is.


One thought on “Week Recap

  1. Those are funny pics. Is that you? ^o^

    I read on AOL the Philippines has the worst traffic condition in the world. It used to be Thailand. Traffoc in the Philippines can only be solved if the authorities can implement discipline among drivers, like really cite them for any traffic violation. Hit the violators with what will hurt them the most…. thier pocketbooks. It’s a win-win… money for the gov’t and discipline for drivers and pedestrians.


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