Wanted: Refurbished Phone

I need a new phone. My keypad no longer functions as well as before. I was advised to have it checked, but I was thinking that it would cost more to have it repaired than to just buy a new phone. Well, not entirely a new phone, I was planning of buying a refurbished phone. In layman’s term, a used phone.

My current phone is a Sony Ericsson K770i, shown below.

Chocolate Brown

I was originally looking for a brand new phone, but my budget was only P2,000 (roughly $47), and I was waiting for the Christmas season, hoping to catch a huge sale. I thought of looking for a used phone too, and I recently asked my teammates if they had a phone that they no longer use, which is still in good condition, and if they were willing to sell it for cheap. One of them offered a Nokia phone (I forgot the model). She offered to show it to me and let me use it for a couple of days to see if it would work for me.

I also thought about getting a new device instead, but the prices and the functions does not really suit my lifestyle. I do not want a touchscreen phone, I am always an old-school type of person. As long as the phone can call and text, I am good with it. I do not really use the internet on the phone, and I do not plan to. Games are also not a requirements since I don’t play video games much anyway, plus I really do not have time.

I was told that I was parsimonious, in our vernacular, kuripot. I willingly said yes, I am.

I was offered a Blackberry by one of my co-workers, which I declined since it was too bulky, and it has too many features that I would not be using, even if I already paid for it. I also hate the fact that it has become somewhat of a status symbol when you have a BB Pin.

Funny iPhone Cartoon


I was also told that I can get an iPhone for about Php27,000, about $645. I was surprised by the price. I think I can buy a lot more important stuff with that amount of money. Plus, I wouldn’t want to have my Php27,000 to get stolen, just like what happened to the same co-worker.

I was planning to get a Nokia X1 because it was just Php2,000 but if I can get a used one for 1,000 then that would be better. Then I can use the remaining amount another time.

I hope that the phone would be in a good condition too, but knowing my teammate, she takes good care of her stuff so I think that should be automatic.


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