Story to Tell

My most recent class was really interested in my life outside the office and my stories before I started working. Some of the stories caught them by surprise, since they did not expect that I would have those stories, nor did they expect that it would happen to me.

I am not the “coolest” guy that you’d ever meet, and I really do not want to be. Maybe that is why I only had 3 real friends in college, and maybe 4 from high school. The majority of my classmates (in high school) or blockmates (in college) either pissed me off immediately or came off as parasites one way or another. I tried mingling with them, don’t get me wrong, but it just made me realize that I really do not match their interests. Most of them are too concerned with how they look that they neglected almost all other aspects of themselves (specifically their brains).

I was surprised that the people I tell these stories to would become so interested, as I was thinking that it was a common thing. I have always wanted to post my stories on my blogs before (I had several), but it never really had the chance to continue it. Some drafts here and there are left unpublished, and hopefully, with this new blog, I would be able to start and finally, finish.

On another note, my last class, which graduated last October 28,  took most of my time that I was not able to initiate the transfer from Blogger to WordPress as early as I would like. I feel like I am at a loss for words and that I am doing this for the first time again. A hiatus does not help at all.  I hope to find my groove again.




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