The Liebster Blog Award

As usual, I was browsing my personal mail at work (I was on break), and I read an email from a fellow WordPress blogger. I thought that it was the usual update from WP that someone I’m following updated their blog. Much to my surprise, it was a comment on my Who page.  I was recently given a very surprising award: the Liebster Blog Award!

I was given the award by UponAtlas, who I recently just followed. Thankfully she did not think that I was just a stalker of some sort and actually liked my posts! She even replied to my email!

Liebster is German for the words “dearest” and/or “beloved”, and I am very surprised to say the least that I even received such an award.  The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

Now, I have to also follow the rules. And they are very simple:

  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
  2. Reveal your top 5 picks for the award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the blogsphere – other bloggers.
  5. And, best of all – have fun and spread the karma.

Number 1 is easy enough. I already did it several sentences above, and I have no problem doing it again.

I want to send a quick Thank You! shout out to UponAtlas who gave me this award! I was curious with her milk carton Gravatar, and read her blog to find several similarities, and I never looked back since.

My Top Picks would be:

 1.  Renxkyoko’s Space – Ren’s personal blog; she is an anime lover, and she was the one who convinced me to move to WP too. She already has 150+ followers, so pretty soon she won’t be qualified (not that it’s a bad thing).

2.  Jeninesilos – the winner of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for 2011 for her work “His Young Lady” (synopsis), she is a very creative writer and she’s also part of Post-a-Week too, so you’d definitely have your reading pangs satiated.

3. Wolfshades – A View from A Wolf  is one of the first blogs that I followed, a little on the crazy side. Read his About page to start things off. The rest would, I bet, be history.

4. Smile, Kiddo.Stef has been a bright source of motivation, inspiration and humor everyday. One of the blogs that I am currently getting ideas from. Pole Dancing, anyone? 😀

5. last but definitely not the least, UponAtlas! I would be joining your Name Game soon!

Okay… Now how do I add this award image to my blog again…? 😐



Would You Rather Read Minds or Live Forever?

**Originally from the Daily Post (link

I would pick reading minds, as long as I get to control when I would be able to use it. I don’t want to just have someone’s mind randomly read, that would be very uncomfortable.

I think it would be nice if you would be able to tell if someone is actually telling the truth or not. But not all the time. Maybe a judge can use it, a jury, a policeman or similar jobs.

I would also be able to use it since I encounter a lot of shady guys in our neighborhood, so at least I would be able to tell what they are thinking.


Now, the reason I did not pick living forever is not related to me not being a fan of Twilight.

I do not want to live forever because I do not want to see all of my loved ones die. I know I would meet a lot of people, but I would only meet one unique individual each time. I do not want to continue repeating the cycle of meeting and loving someone, knowing that I would again watch them die.




To end on a lighter note:

I want to share a picture that still keeps me laughing out loud:

What’s your pick?

Dad Conversations

I rarely watch TV at home. And when I do get the chance to, I normally have everyone in the house with me. Yesterday was not really different. My mom was lying down on the couch, my dad was sitting behind me, and I was sitting in front of the television, eating my lunch. We were watching a documentary by a local TV News station, GMA-7, about a place in the Philippines, Camarines Sur. Coincidentally, this was where my mom and dad grew up and met, so we decided to watch it, and at the same time, listen to my mom and dad’s stories.

This is where Camarines Sur is located

I was watching the show very closely, because it was showcasing the place’s tourists’ attraction. Wake boarding, and several other water sports.  My dad started talking about how they were swimming on the same exact spots shown on TV way back, and never realized how it would be so “mainstream” today. They used to fishing where the guys on TV jet ski, or do flips with their boards. There are even talks about transforming the place into a “Singapore of the Philippines”.  The Philippine Advertising Congress is also held here, most recently.


I love it when my parents compare the past and the present. I get curious a lot, and wish that I was in the  same generation as them (sometimes).

Everything was well and good  until the show profiled the leaders of the province. The governor started counting the numerous changes in Cam Sur. Call Centers, exhibit areas and the aforementioned water sports complex, to name a few. My dad gave me a quick trivia about the province’s government: The current governor’s family has been in position as far as he can remember.

I did not mind it at first. It did not sink in until the documentary shifted focus. It turns out that the family itself, as powerful as they are, is currently fighting internally.  The issue was the current governor’s dad was going to go against the governor’s son (I hope I made sense on that one).

Now, a power struggle is nearing its climax. The family is split between two of their clan members. Normally, I don’t even mind it, but since I’m all grown up now, my brain decided to think and remember the past news that I have heard and/or watched recently.

  •    Husband’s term ends, makes wife run. Wife knows nothing about politics or governance, Husband is running the city on the sidelines.
  •    Dad’s term ends, makes son/daughter run. Son/Daughter seems to know a lot about politics, but Dad still calling the shots.
  •    Humble Man/Lady runs; Man/Lady wins; amasses great deal of wealth; makes son/daughter run; son/daughter know nothing about politics; Dad/Mom still running the city from the sidelines.

These are just some of the news that I remember.

And this is still the news that I receive each day.

My dad also asked me if I still remember the sad state of our countries educational system.

How could I forget?

from GMANews.TV

My dad then gave me a theory about this: The reason why these politicians do not support or even think pf the countries educational system as a primary problem is they want to stay in power, and one of the ways to do so is to keep the people from getting good education. My dad’s exact words in the vernacular were: “Kaya di pinapaunlad ang edukasyon sa atin, kasi gusto nila, ang mga tao, mangmang”.

A scary thought. A valid argument. A fact that cannot be missed.

The latest report by the National Statistical Coordination Board, recognizing that one in six school-age-children is deprived of education..” —

A Letter to My 16-year old Self

Dear Me,

I don’t know how to start this. See, your older self is still struggling with himself, but your life is still going to go great, so no need to worry, although you might want to follow some of the things that I am going to tell you, just to lessen your problems, or would-be problems.

Yes, I’m you, 5 years in to the future. Just a couple of years and you would have your life altering experience. Don’t ask me how life altering, because I would start to write a novel. Let’s go with some of the things that you would want to watch out for.

First, I know that the opposite sex seems so beautiful right now, at the same time so ugly, figuratively. You need to use the smarts that you use on every other thing with them too, since they would only leave a bad taste in your mouth. But don’t fret. You would not be growing old alone. Somewhere along the line, you would meet someone really special. I don’t know yet if you’re going to get married, I’ll write you back after a couple more years for that. Watch out for girls especially during college, they would not be the best bunch for you. In fact, the school that you would be going to, and the people that you would meet, would not leave any lasting mark. There would be a time when you would finally show everyone your abilities, but you would realize that it is worthless, and you would lose all interest in studying. In fact, you would be dropping out, because of reasons that I don’t have the liberty to say. But one of your cousins would give you a good advice, and you just need to follow it, and it would balance out everything. Follow your gut instinct.

Second, start writing a journal. Your life is not as ordinary as you think, and it is not going to be in the future. You would need that journal a couple of years later, when you decide to start to appreciate writing. Pay close attention to your English class in your second semester of your first year. Your professor would be one that everyone else would hate, but I know that you would like her.

Third, hug your mom and dad more. Spend more time with them and stop wasting time with your acquaintances. College life would be very hectic, especially if you start spending too much time with your acquaintances.

There are more things that I would want to share, but I’ll let you find it out for yourself. If I do, then I would be spoiling the fun. Plus I would have to change the title to “A Novel for my 16 year old self”.



Yes, you would one day call yourself that.

**Note: Inspiration for this post came from wolfshades, of “A View from a Wolf

Happy Feet 2: Not A Review

Poster from


Mumble is back on the big screen: this time with his wife and kid in tow. The second installment of the successful franchise did not fail to give the “cuteness” factor, but I felt like the movie was “bitin”, which is Filipino for too short.


Pink’s voice (originally supposed to be Brittany Murphy, RIP) greeted the very small morning audience (I watched the movie at 11 am; I am on the night shift so the only chance for me to watch a movie is during mornings, and not a lot of us showed up for the AM screening, maybe just 10.). Erik, Mumble’s son, experienced what his dad did during childhood: being an outcast. That’s where the story revolves around, and that was all I needed.





I don’t want to go into details about the story because I don’t want to spoil it, it would be great if you’d go and watch it yourselves. Oh, and krills would be involved too.




For those of you not familiar with what a krill is, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:


“Krill is the common name of shrimp-like marine crustaceans…”


“Most krill are swarming animals; the sizes and densities of such swarms vary greatly depending on the species and the region.”


“…there have been reports of swarms of up to 10,000 to 60,000 individuals per cubic meter.”  (this line is a clue of what you would see in the movie)


I suggest to have someone with you while watching the movie, it is best to share the cute moments with someone, and there are some enlightening parts too, especially about global warming and how it would affect nature.


I looked at feedback for this movie even before I watched it and it was surprisingly mixed. I saw some negative reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and also in Metacritic. Some of them were also disappointed with the way the movie ran. I am not much of a movie critic, and good thing I did not heed the stuff I read, since I liked the movie.


   Characters I really liked:


Atticus (with Lil P-nut’s voice); because he raps, although just a bit, and Common was his dad. Now, how cool is that? Plus, he’s a bit chubby which makes for a great toy. Speaking of which, here is an Atticus toy from



Ramon and the 5 amigos – because he was Ramon (Robin Williams), and they were 5 of them.


It’s great to keep in touch with my inner kid once in a while, and these types of movies help a lot.


Thanks Marla, for watching it with me.


My Man Cave

I have always dreamed of getting a place of my own. Right now, at 21, I still live with my parents, following the Filipino tradition closely. I have taken over most of the bills, and I feel like I can already get a place of my own. But, being with my parents is cool. I get to eat my mom and dad’s cooking, and I get to spend time with them too.  If I would get my own house, I may choose to get one very near our home. The neighborhood is quiet, accessible, plus I can just go back to my parents if I miss them.

I saw an apartment for rent just across our neighborhood. It is small, studio type apartment that I think would only accommodate me. With that in mind, I thought about getting it and turning it in to my very own man cave.

An article I encountered comes to mind immediately. It is from Bloomberg, and it gives a couple of stuff that guys normally would want in their own bachelor pad, like TVs, a bar, etc., plus the price.  I am a bit different, since the article is from a Westerner’s point of view. Here is a Filipino point of view:

  1.  Display Cases – what is a good man cave without display cases for your collections or sports trophies? I am planning to collect action figures to get in touch with my inner kid, and I would need a good case for them. Here is a good example:

2.  Delivery Brochures – I do not know how to cook, so I would need to have brochures for fast food delivery.

3. The Entertainment System – it has already been mentioned in the article, but I want to have mine look like this:


4. Lots of Remote Controls –  a guy cannot get too lazy, so I want to have a remote control for almost everything. The fan, the TV, the air conditioner, the refrigerator, even the stove.

5. A dog – with all the expensive stuff in my (imaginary) man cave, I would need a trustworthy friend that would keep it safe from intruders. Maybe someone like George, the Guinness’ Book of World Record holder for the title “Tallest Dog” :


6. Home Gym – a cave needs to have a huge, buff guy in it, so let’s put a gym in too!

Just by looking at these photos makes me realize that if I am going to have a man cave, it would need to be bigger than the studio type apartment that I was eyeing.

Design Problems

Ever since I started using WordPress, I have been trying to solve one problem: the Header image. I still can’t find a picture to put in the header. I wanted something to fit the blog title, and of course the background, but I find it difficult. Maybe because I don’t have too many pictures, or I am hesitant to put my picture here (see my About page). I would be trying out images and leave them for a week or so, and maybe I would be able to find something that would fit. Any comment/feedback/suggestion would help.

11/20/2011 – I put a picture of my feet standing on shore. This was taken from our company trip to Punta Fuego. I also changed the background just to accommodate the color of the header. Coincidentally, the header and the background has a theme: beach. It also matches the title, well, for me anyway.