The Transfer to WordPress

I finally had the chance to start my blog transfer to WordPress since I have a 4 day vacation (weekend + 2 holidays). Like any other change, it comes with difficulty. One of which is the “About” page. I really do not have any idea what to put in that page. I know it should be pretty easy, I would only write about what my blog would contain. But that is the problem, I don’t know what my blog would be.

I’m still trying to figure out if I would be retaining my old style (personal journal) or if I should start writing about something specific (sports, work, etc). I also can’t decide on whether or not I should transfer my old post from blogger, start real fresh or just provide a link somewhere on my page.

I also downloaded Google Chrome just to have all the features. Mozilla Firefox was not really WordPress friendly. I keep getting this page when I try to start a post:

Update Needed

Normally, this would just mean that I need to upgrade my browser and continue, but I have downloaded the newest version several times and restarted several times but it still is asking me to upgrade.

I’m still trying to get the hang of this too. I was trying to alter some of the theme settings but I seem to have to upgrade first. Is there a workaround or I really have to go Pro?

If anyone can suggest a good “About” format, I’d appreciate it.


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